Every year, during the last two weeks of December, I do my inner-work. I reflect, I set intentions and connect with people I love, who I haven’t connected with during the year.

New Year is a big milestone for me and I prepare for it.

Why? Because I want to live every day a great day and be the best version of myself. I want to grow, learn, expand, love more and help create a positive impact in this world.

Every year during December I review my Dream List. It’s a list of intentions that I had set for life when I was little and I expanded it as I grew. I look at them and check which ones I have achieved this year and where I want to focus during the next one.

For the first time ever, I want to share this list with you. I hope this would inspire you to live a bigger life.

Because there is a secret: almost everything I wrote on this list when I was 15 years old, I have achieved…and more. I have achieved so much more, I feel my life is complete and every month I live now, is a bonus!

This list gives me an amazing perspective how blessed and lucky we all are and our destiny is in our hands. As soon as we feel grateful and think positively, we share and help, we give and love, it’s going to come back as a boomerang.

Life is abundant in energy and resources and everything is possible.

So, here is my Dream List. It’s work in progress on many fronts and that’s a beauty of it.

  1. Be happy at least once every day 
  2. Create a healthy family
  3. Have a wonderful partner to grow with 
  4. Run a successful business 
  5. Study in England 
  6. Speak at least 5 languages 
  7. Graduate from Cambridge or Harvard 
  8. Work for a big multinational company to learn best practices 
  9. Live in Switzerland for at least 5 years 
  10. Teach at a top university as a Professor ( not as a professor yet!)
  11. Visit Bali for a retreat
  12. Conduct a retreat in Bali
  13. Visit Costa Rica and teach at a retreat
  14. Visit Australia 
  15. Study or work in Japan for at least 6 months 
  16. Have a French or Japanese boyfriend  (greek)
  17. Live in a warm place (warmer than Siberia )
  18. Travel at least twice a year to a beautiful place 
  19. Help orphans 
  20. Adopt a child
  21. Create a transformational course on how to enrich relationships 
  22. Create an Emotional Intelligence course 
  23. Create an educational platform for leaders
  24. Visit New Zealand
  25. Meet Dalai Lama
  26. Meet & hug Amma
  27. Visit Galapagos and snorkel with turtles
  28. Visit Portugal and dinner with Mooji
  29. Visit the Maldives and conduct a workshop/retreat
  30. Connect with friends during holidays 
  31. Do yoga at least twice a week 
  32. Eat healthy 
  33. No junk food 
  34. No smoking 
  35. No swearing at home 
  36. No physical violence at home 
  37. Teach a course to students 
  38. Speak at TED
  39. Be interviewed/guest on Oprah’s show
  40. Publish a book that changes people’s lives 
  41. Write and publish 10 books
  42. Read 50 books per year  – this year
  43. Learn to play three musical instruments  – piano, guitar and drums
  44. Teach our kids how to survive without us
  45. Travel to Nepal 
  46. Travel to Tibet 
  47. Travel to India and stay in a ashram
  48. Do a silence retreat
  49. Spend a day with Richard Branson
  50. Meet Elon Musk
  51. Fly on a parachute/paraglide 
  52. Fly on a hot air balloon 
  53. Visit Cappadocia 
  54. Visit Island with my partner and see northern lights and Blue Lagoon 
  55. Be connected to a group of amazing people
  56. Become a coach to 10 amazing leaders 
  57. Conduct family constellations workshops around the world 
  58. Create a system of transformations that helps people 
  59. Help 1MM people change lives
  60. Become a role model for girls and other women
  61. Become a director of a company 
  62. Be in a healthy body in a good shape 
  63. Live more than 100 years old (work in progress :-))
  64. Smile more than 1/3 of a day 
  65. Bring a family together once a year 
  66. Visit Siberia at least once a year 
  67. Send our kids to our parents for a month each year 
  68. Help teach our kids 5+ languages
  69. Teach our kids fluent Greek and Russian to write and read
  70. Help our kids grow with high self-esteem 
  71. Be loving every day  – work in progress
  72. Grow and learn from leaders 4-6 times a year  
  73. Buy a boat and cruise in Greece every year 
  74. Own X properties around the world 
  75. Earn X per year 
  76. Support X charity 
  77. Create a tribe of conscious people 
  78. Visit orangutan’s sanctuary 
  79. Visit Borneo 
  80. Visit South Africa and table top 
  81. Build a holistic center in Greece
  82. Create & publish a children’s book
  83. Record an album with my family
  84. Celebrate successes and failures 
  85. Be generous 
  86. Be vegetarian  – 80%
  87. Support this planet and its creatures  – work in progress
  88. Swim in the Bahamas 
  89. Go to Date with Destiny and UPW workshops with Tony Robbins 
  90. Become a certified Satir trainer 
  91. Establish an Institute for Psychology of Human Enrichment (Satir Institute) 
  92. Work in the USA 
  93. Teach in Canada 
  94. Ski in Austria 
  95. Visit Paris with my love 
  96. Travel across Italy 
  97. Live in Greece 
  98. Work in China to help X people
  99. Travel across Latin America
  100. Paint and have an exhibition in an art gallery

I would love to hear from you about your list of things you dream about. The more we dream, the more we feel inspired to do bigger things.

Also, when we share our lists, people may feel inspired to share some of the items with you. Feel free to share with me your list: info@daryahaitoglou.com

Happy Festive Season!!

With love & gratitude,




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