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“Darya is not only very passionate and generous with her delivery, she’s an absolute master when it comes to human relationships. She’s a true leader in her field, adding so much value to her clients, helping them to get to the core of what’s holding them back, to then guiding them towards a richer, more meaningful future in their relationships. Darya is one in a million.”

Camille Thurnherr

Love & Success mentor, Prioritise Love

WOW! Darya is an ABSOLUTE ROCKSTAR! I’ve been coaching in high performance, and life coaching for nearly 9 years – I’ve met some incredible coaches and Darya is ABSOLUTELY among the best I have met. She has an INCREDIBLE gift of knowing what to ask you, where to direct you and how to help you find the GOLD NUGGETS that make ALL the change happen, and happen so fast. I’m so incredibly impressed with her skill, but more than that she is just an absolutely AMAZING human being and a pleasure to be around. You’d be crazy not to work with her!

Cameron Gallagher

Entrepreneurs Mental Performance Expert, Zero Limits Coaching

Such a wonderful and enriching experience which has helped me grow. I would highly recommend to others.

Rachel Volpicelli

Mother of Charlotte & Mathilde

“Enrich” is the right word!   I find Darya very interesting because she works on so many different levels and yet they all seem to fit together in the human jigsaw puzzle of a personality.  Her workshop was totally different to any other. She brings you through a completely different way of approach which allowed me to discover my own personality through fun ‘Physical Interactive Play roles’. On reflection, this process clearly resonated with me to understand some of the key elements to my personality. It’s was very powerful and I cannot wait for the next workshop!

Melanie Watters

Founder, KM Ventures Ltd

My feeling of gratitude is overwhelming. It feels like my heart is signing. My main breakthrough from this programme was as follows. There was one exercise where I shared my imaginary experience with others, my energy. And I had a thought in my head: ‘Hold on, if I give all my energy to other people, what will I be left with?!’ But with Darya‘s magic technique a miracle happened by the end of that exercise. I felt like the energy was flowing out of me like a fountain, the more I gave out, the better I felt. By the end, most people had left, but I stayed in my chair without moving. I felt abundant inside and wanted just to savour that amazing flow of energy. Thank you, dear Darya, for this amazing experience!

Anna Yudina

“Darya’s seminar changed my life. It triggered a deep self-examination which, over the following 3 days, made me realize and acknowledge the habits, attitudes and approaches that had led to my previous relationship problems and lack of self-esteem. Now I am clear on what needs to change, and absolutely committed to giving myself the huge gift that success would represent. And if that all sounds a bit intense, let me assure you that the seminar was great fun as well!”

Malcolm Clark

Finance Director, Procter & Gamble | Europe, India, Middle East & Africa

I really loved it! Time flew by and it was a flawless smooth process from the first part to the last… there were some great insights about self-awareness and validation, and some great thought provoking exercises.

Isana Kontsevaya

Head of Sales, Wella Professional

I really enjoyed the workshop “Enrich your relationships ” because it allowed me to empower myself with practical and positive exercises. Darya is a caring teacher that will make you feel safe and secure during the workshop, therefore you will be able to open your heart and mind. I am looking forward for the next workshop!

Claudine Audibert

Artist & Painter

I believed I had an open heart and I thought I was able to reason well with everyday difficulties I faced. However I realised how much more I was capable of when I had worked through this enriching relationships workshop. I saw how much more I was capable of. I saw just how great I could cope with situations, feelings and dealing with matters that cause difficulties emotionally and mentally. I was more energised and was armed with so much more than I thought possible. Sharing, understanding, laughing and listening was a pleasure to take part in during this workshop. The workshop was run at a great pace with plenty of time to reflect, it felt safe and comfortable. The venue setting was beautiful, inspiring and very calming which mirrored the energy of the day. I now see that I have even more to learn, see and understand and hope to do this with further workshops that Darya will be running.

Sophie Hollyoak

Mother of Annabelle & Eloise

These were a fantastic two days! What is happening now is unreal – I can’t express this in words. I can see the changes internally and externally. The level of energy that I feel now is fantastic. It’s like being on a different planet! What she does is amazing. I haven’t seen such people before. What we have gone through during the workshop was so powerful and now I would like to apply this to my life. I have created breakthroughs in my head, with my mindset, with my thoughts and my goals. I just want to thank you, Darya, for everything you do and how you change the world through us. It is beautiful!

Nadezhda Egorova

I am deeply touched with your questions that point to the essential core of the problem as a sharp spear, and dispel the cold and darkness and let me experience a new approach to money. It seems that you coach the “carriage” of my body through the maze of emotions and patterns, and speak directly with the soul. And you do it both with power and care! That is so great. I feel I’m reloaded and transformation is in progress. You have a great inspiration power. Thank you so much again!

Alexandra Belova

Editor & Translator

Darya’s training has been an intense, emotional and experiential day! I have learnt new things about building relationships with people and I feel enriched by the connections we made during the day. Darya is a fantastic facilitator, empathic and knowledgeable.

Luigi Matrone

Founder, eBusiness Institute

I honestly feel so lucky that I met Darya and participated in the Enrich your Relationships Program.

Darya is a wise woman that exhales love and light! Her workshop could be described as a concentrated and wonderfully combined program of different methods of psychology – as an extension and effect of the wisdom she has acquired during her experience of inner development.

The experience is catalyst, and I recommend it to all those who are not afraid to watch, to listen to, to hold, to speak and to feel, to walk in the paths of the soul and to explore themselves, to feel their existence as one and therefore united with others. A very big thanks Darya from the bottom of my heart!

Georgia Papadimitriou

HR Manager, Organisation of Telecommunications in Greece

It was powerful. I feel  an incredible amount of change happening inside me. I came with a lot of mixed feelings and emotions. After just two days a lot of things have changed. It felt like time expanded during those days. Now inside I have a feeling that I want to say ‘thank you’ and give this thank you to all. The feeling of fullness, wholeness, high energy. I have an understanding that I’m going in the right direction. Thank you so much!

Ekaterina Popova

I have a lot of impressions and emotions after this training. We have done a good deal of inner-work. I have filled up with a lot of energy. I now feel that with my new thoughts and realisations I’m going to be settling for a minimum of a week.

Alexander Shilov


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