A psychologist and a relationship coach, Darya began her career managing international consumer brands for Procter & Gamble in the UK, moved on to become a human resources manager and eventually became the HR Talent leader for the P&G Geneva hub.  She quit her lucrative corporate job in Switzerland to move back to the UK and focus on helping transform people’s life and work. With more than ten years of coaching and talent management experience, Darya is the author of a best-selling Enrich Your Relationships book, she also writes for the Huffington Post and has been on BBC morning and evening radio shows.

She holds a First Class Honours in Economics, Bachelor’s in Psychology, Masters’ with Distinction in International Relations and holds a Masters’ of Philosophy from the University of Cambridge. Darya is a certified trainers’ trainer in NLP, professional certified coach (PCC) from the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and strategic interventions for personal and business growth. Working across different countries and speaking five languages, as well as being a mother of two, she is valued for her skills in helping leaders enrich relationships and build successful and meaningful businesses through focusing on their personal growth.


My values.

Growth. I believe we are either growing or withering away.

Balance. Our wise inner state of being that is centred and has a balanced core.

Contribution. I believe people live to give.

Equality. We are all equal on a deeper level.

Inclusiveness. Including all parts of us make us whole.


The psychology of human enrichment is a combination of humanistic psychology, neuroscience and positive psychology. It stems from the work of Virginia Satir, Carl Rogers, Matthieu Ricard and is influenced by the latest research as well as the integrative bodywork. The underpinning belief is that we all long to feel enriched and more fully human.


Fulfil our potential and help create more love-rich and blame-free individuals.

Food preferences.

As a lover of vegetarian food (or an ‘80% vegetarian’). When we travel to a place where there is no vegetarian option, a good bite of a high-quality meat is appreciated.

Generally, greens, nuts, fruits & seeds are consumed in plentiful quantities.

A good company is always preferred but happy to just savour a delicious dinner on my own.

Physical exercises.

A morning trampoline session to kick-start the day. As a former track-and-field runner of 400m with hurdles (was part of the Olympic reserve team), I used to run a lot. Now I play with the kids instead. Spending time with my little boys have similar challenges as in a professional sport: you need to have good stamina, focus, discipline, determination and lots of flexibility of manoeuvre.

In winter – skiing, in summer – spending time by the sea.


Being a Siberian and married to a Greek, living in the UK, we travel a lot. We also travel as a couple without the kids and we travel with each kid separately. I believe every child deserves quality time with both parents and separately with each parent. We have a busy schedule during a year. On top, we have international careers, so we travel for work. Sometimes I love travelling, sometimes I just want to stay at home.

Family of origin.

I come from a family of university teachers in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, who are also entrepreneurs. I kind of took from both sides. I can call myself a teaching entrepreneur.

I have a younger sister (10 years younger) who is my inspiration for her lifestyle which is different and free-spirited. She has been a surfer, artist and a vegetarian for over 12 years.


Explore the boundaries of whats possible. I love to challenge myself and people who I am around with. 

Enjoy every moment. Even the most difficult moments of sickness, death in the family, struggles and fate, I know that these are our lessons and looking at them from such a perspective helps to overcome them.

Follow your fears. I find it so hard but I intuitively find people who help me to do that.

Communicate. Communicate. Communicate.

Start with the positives. Positivity rocks and helps to enhance relationships. 

Finish undone business. Even in my thoughts, I come to a conclusion and make a decision. I don’t worry about the past. I treat it as an experience that has some learning.

Be yourself. Forget about other people’s opinions and focus on your values and principles.


One of my fears is not being loved so I reach out to love others, which is nice, but can be a bit overwhelming for people. I’m aware of this.

Another fear is to lose my beloved ones. Naturally, scared of our children being hurt or losing them.

Being a teenager, I was afraid of dying, then that fear seemed to disappear and when we went to Tibet trekking in September 2016 it came back again. More work needs to be done on this front.


TV is not my friend and I don’t have it at home. Plenty of books though are generously ‘consumed’.


The world of opportunities for all people to fulfil their potential. Living in peace and harmony, in health and prosperity, is one of my higher dreams. For people to be more spiritual and help each other. Living in a beautiful place which is warm and safe, all-year-around. A violence-free world.


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