Hello, sunshine!

There are many people who inspire me and I would like to introduce you to one of my friends who inspired me to be healthier (thanks to him today was the first day I stopped eating sugar!), look deeper into relationships from an evolutionary perspective and speak in front of big audiences.

Eric Edmeades is a serial entrepreneur, international business speaker, husband and father.

He is an author of The Human Diet Dairy Delusion book and a creator of WildFit – a healthy revolution (evolution rather!) that helps people change their lifestyle and get healthier.

His inspirational talk at the A-Fest where I met him is here >>>

I had a pleasure to interview Eric for the EnrichTV a few months ago. Today, I would like to share with you a part of this interview.

In this short and insightful talk you will learn (I put times during the talk where you can find these topics):

1:37 min – How a ‘failed’ relationship and feeling grateful can help you build a more successful relationship

2:51 min – Eric shares his personal story

4:00 min – Why a dating world is so challenging

5:04 min – My personal relationship story

5:45 min – Eric’s motivation for what he does

8:40 min – Successful ‘keys’ to public speaking

11:40 min – The key secret to Eric’s successful public speaking career

16:15 min – Why women feel guilty and men don’t.

19:02 min – Mistakes and Failures and how to deal with them

20:43 min – How Eric wanted to have a nervous breakdown (literally!)

24:56 min – Secret of the film ‘The Secret’ on how to manifest success.

I hope you enjoy the talk as much as I did.

With love,




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