Integrative Movement Therapy

STANCE-DANCE is a combination of neuroscience & somatic work. It’s a mental dance together with elements of movement, stillness and rhythm.  


To be a Stance-Dance practitioner entails a journey through three stages. Module 1 is the Essential stage where principles and descriptions of its parts, introduction into Somatherapy are presented, experimented and understood. Module 2 builds on the essential level and adds exercises and practices of Stance-Dance Somatherapy and Family Reconstruction in engaging and profound way. Module 3 adds a path into the depth of applications of Somatherapeutic practices extending its use in family settings as well as organisations, business and teams dynamics.

Here is a brief description of three modules to be certified as a Stance-Dance practitioner.


– Introduction into the Stance-Dance. Its origin and history.

Somatherapy and its effects on the mind.

– Principles of movements and dynamic Stance-Dance meditation.

– Experimental dynamic activity (Dance) to explore effects of Somatherapy on consciousness.

– Family Copying Stances. Incongruent and congruent body language in stress: experiential practice.

– Family Copying Stances Reconstructed. Somatic practice to create a bridge between unconscious behaviour in stress and conscious reconstructed reality, to bring the ‘family system’ in balance.

– Journey to the Self: Stance-Dance Exploration of Resourcefulness
– Reconstructing thoughts through body movements.
– Experimental dynamic activity (Dance).
– Family Expanded Copying Stances.
– Healing the Family of Origin. Looking in the Mirror of our Family Soul.
– Description and exploration of Family Stances.
– Neuro-Science and Phenomenological approach to body.
– Special cases of complicated family entanglements.

– Application of the Stance-Dance in organisational & business settings.
– Anatomy of the body.
– Siberian Philosophy and its application in the Stance-Dance.
– Dynamic Journey to the Self under stress.
– Triads and Stances of Reconstruction explained.
– Special cases of complicated entanglements in families, business, and organisations.
– Integration of conscious and unconscious processes in Somatherapy.


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Don’t just take my word for it though – Have a look at what my clients have to say about Stance Dance:

A very enjoyable and thought-provoking session. Thank you!

Carol Hall

Professor Emeritus of Human Relations, Nottingham University

Extremely interesting, on both an internal dialogue and external body response. Peaceful and reassuring. Darya managed to get us, ‘tight’ English people, to overcome our reserves.

Karen O’Connor, Amatsu Therapist

I didn’t know what to expect. Great experience. Everybody can and should try it. Feel danced and relaxed.

Olaf Fetter

I found it very liberating, using the dance to free myself as well as energise my body. I found the stances of behavior most interesting and that is the area of behaviours and reactions I feel that I could work on more and get more out of to use in my personal, work and relationships.

Fiona Mason

I learned to feel more confident and generally better at self-control!

Claudia Nogueira

Mother of Isabela

“It felt quite bizarre to begin with but Darya makes you feel so relaxed and is so personable and welcoming, you soon become uninhibited. This is an essential state of mind to benefit from the full effects of this session

Lisa McKeon

I now feel stronger in dealing with different personalities in the workplace, very good learning for teamwork


Really really enjoyed it. It is absolutely a new experience for me. I feel new and relaxed after the session and feel more joyful inside and happy.

Yulia Kulikova

Very enjoyable. I would definitely like to do it again!

Noor Kalsheker

It is different, like nothing you’ve experienced before. You shake your body and spirit. Darya teaches you how to react in different situations and why self-develop

Sara Alshareef

Founder of Solu International

Just try it! A very interesting session!

Jacqueline Standen


A session for everyone…to be enjoyed for all ages. Young and old… happy/sad to improve your outlook to life…You can take what you need from the session. Your mind and body will dictate. Peace & love

Luisa Vicinanza-Bedi

Wonderful! Energizing and powerful. Thank you, Darya!


Open your mind to a new experience and enjoy the permission to be you!

Caroline Kalsheker


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